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My tutorial videos now on Youtube

Just to let you know, my tutorial videos are now on Youtube … not the best quality but hey, it’s better than nothing ;)

Check out the videos here:

How to convert an existing web application to use AJAX

How to update a MySQL database using AJAX

More on the way soon!

3 Responses to “My tutorial videos now on Youtube”

  1. J. Uiterweerd Says:

    The tutorial seems clear. I cannot read the code that was written, so i cannot try it.
    Is it possible to get the example on the internet?

  2. admin Says:

    Hi, for higher resolution versions, have a look at these posts:

  3. Dels Says:

    can you pack up this tutorial (html & swf)into .zip/.rar file? cause i having problem with direct-streaming (too long), and i hate youtube cause it low quality, sure we can get high/mp4 quality but again size matter


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