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On February 20th 2007, Codegear announced the release of Delphi for PHP (PHP:Hypertext Preprocessor). Despite the enormous popularity of the PHP language for open source web development, visual PHP development tools have been severely lacking, that is until now with this new release of Delphi for PHP.

Delphi for PHP is the first completely integrated visual Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment for the PHP language. It features a visual drag-and-drop environment for component-based PHP web application development. The release provides an IDE and open source visual component library (VCL) framework for PHP developers.

Along with the release of the new exciting development tool is the launch of a brand new website called ( dedicated to this innovative new PHP tool. will soon become the Internet’s number one resource for developers of Delphi for PHP. aims to be the most comprehensive knowledge base online with respect to Delphi for PHP web development. will bring together PHP developers from around the world online to a single virtual community where they can share their passion for PHP development. The site will break the latest news on anything relating to both PHP and Delphi for PHP. Company press releases and product releases relating to PHP development will be made immediately available to the public.

Appealing to both veteran PHP programmers and beginners, is a place where advanced topics such as PHP security and database development can be discussed in addition to easy to read how-to articles and frequently asked question sections. The site will be truly collaborative allowing developers of all skill levels to learn from each other and provide a true online community. Resources for web developers who are familiar with using other languages such as Java or VBScript will be readily available to ease the transition of their web development knowledge to quickly learn the power of PHP.

Through the power of PHP message boards, will also feature a powerful Downloads section with the capability to share code snippets and open source toolkits with other developers. This will enable developers to collaborate on similar projects thus reducing overall development time and promoting open source methodologies. Power-users and Administrators will moderate content ensuring maximum security and privacy.

No online resource would be complete without a jobs forum. will feature a dynamic section dedicated to the employment of PHP developers. Employers can choose to post either full-time positions or project-based work. Programmers will also have the option of posting their resumes for potential employers to view as well. Looking for a web hosting solution to serve up your PHP code? will also allow programmers to find web-hosting companies that offer PHP hosting solutions.

It is clear that Codegear’s Delphi for PHP visual toolset will revolutionize open source web development, thus creating the need for an online resource where developers can provide support to each other and the development community overall. is the first online community to bring PHP developers from all around the world to share in the growth of this new tool. Don’t delay; bookmark now to start taking advantage of everything this loaded online resource has to offer.

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