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Getting Google Maps example to work

Delphi for PHP comes with an example web application showing you how to use Google Maps in your projects. Unfortunately this web application does not work straight out of the box. You have to install the Google Components Package first.

To do this, go into the Installed Packages dialog box which is found by going to Component->Packages… on the main menu. Click on the Add button and locate the file called \CodeGear\Delphi for PHP\1.0\vcl\google\google.package.php :

When you have clicked on the Open button, you should see the Google Components package listed in the Installed Packages dialog box like so:

When you have done this you can open up the test Google Maps PHP file which is located at this location: \CodeGear\Delphi for PHP\1.0\vcl\google\maps\test\testmaps.php

.. And that’s it, the test application for Google Maps should be up and running. Have fun with it!!

2 Responses to “Getting Google Maps example to work”

  1. Joda28 Says:

    Hi, I’ve got a problem with this example,

    I’ve followed all the steps in this example and the maps work inside of the IDE.

    But when I try to run the test app, or create a new app using the google maps, my
    browser comes up with a blank page?

    Any ideas to why?

  2. Eduardo Nunes Says:

    For me, the component works fine on Mozilla. On the internet explorer appear only a half of map (the map does not fill correctely the box). Any ideas?


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