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“Done, but with errors on page.” - What’s going on??

I’ve been playing around with Delphi For PHP and discovered an issue, it’s not really with Delphi For PHP but the way Javascript accesses files. When you are developing a project, you may see the following warnings in your browser:

Looking further in to it, you will noticed it thinks that QX is undefined:

You may also noticed that features of your web application which use javascript or Ajax simply don’t work or don’t even show up on the webpage.

This error occurs if your projects are stored on a different drive than Delphi for PHP. This issue is a browser, not a Delphi for PHP issue, and is a security limit to avoid javascript cross drives.

The only way to fix this is to move or re-save your project files to the same drive that Delphi For PHP is installed on. A pain I know, but I guess it’s just something we are going to have to live with…

2 Responses to ““Done, but with errors on page.” - What’s going on??”

  1. Lean Says:

    Waiting for the next!

  2. Andreas Says:

    There is another way to run the Applikation from within the editor and save the files on another drive.
    You have to put “http://localhost” in the trusted sites of IE. Then it works.


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