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Delphi-PHP 1st Forum Competition !!

Announcing the first ever forum Competition here at Delphi-php.net.

Competition Overview:

The competition is a posting based competition where the users with the highest average posts per day count (This can be found in your Profile “My Profile” section) will be the winners.

How Can I Enter This Competition?

You do not need to enter, just start posting , if you are a visitor to the forum, all you need to do is go through the simple forum registration process at forums.delphi-php.net and you can start posting.

What Are The Rules:

As with all competitions there are always rules to keep things fair:

  • No spam posts.
  • Minimum word count: 10
  • Post must be of substance, not just ‘I agree with that’ type posts.
  • If a member violates any of the rules above they will receive a 0.2 deduction per rule violation on their final posts per day count. The forum moderators’ have the final say and their decisions are not open for debate.

    Competition End Date:

    The competition will end on 18th June 2007, at 19:00 (7:00pm) GMT time.

    Competition Prizes:

    There is $100 (USD) worth of cash prizes to be won. The prizes are broken down as follows:

  • $50 = First Place
  • $30 = Second Place.
  • $10 = Third Place.
  • $5 = Forth and Fifth Places.
  • Payment will be made by Paypal only.

    So go and start posting at forums.delphi-php.net today!!!

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