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JomiTech have just released their commerical full component suite for Delphi4PHP. This is the first complete package that has been released from any developer that I have seen. It’s a substantial package with some great components.

There is over 60+ components included:

JTAdRotator, JTAdvancedEdit, JTAtomFeed, JTAuthRegistration, JTBevel, JTBuildYourOwn*, JTBulletList, TCategoryButtons, JTCheckBoxList, JTClock, JTDateTimePicker*, JTDivWindow, JTEventCalendar, JTExpandPanel, JTExpert*, JTExplanationPopup, JTGrid, JTGroupBox, JTHeaderCode, JTHorizontalLine, JTIFrame, JTImageMap*, JTImageSubmit, JTInputValidator, JTJavaScript, JTJSWindow, JTLabel, JTLargerImage*, JTListView, JTLookupComboBox, JTLookupListBox, JTMenu, JTMenuBar, JTMonthCalendar*, JTNavigationBar, JTNewsControl*, JTNotebook*, JTObjectControl*, JTPageControl, JTPanel, JTPCRegExvJTPDODatabase, JTPHPPaintBox*, JTProgessBar, JTRadioButtonList, JTRawOutput, JTRSSFeed*, JTScrollBox, JTSectionBar*, JTSendEmail, JTSiteMap*, JTSiteMapPath*, JTSiteMapView*, JTStatusBar*, JTStylesheet*, JTSurvey*, JTTabControl, JTTablevJTTabSet*, JTTCPSocketClient*vJTTemplatePanel, JTTimePicker, JTToolBar, JTTreeView*, JTUserLogin, JTVerticalLine, JTXMLDataSource*

* = donates components which have not being relased in the current version.

Some of the main features include:

  • JTTheme XML/CSS-based site theming system, gives virtually unlimited possibilites for site design.
  • User-friendly property editors.
  • Comes with full source code.
  • Extensive documentation.
  • Generates fully cross-browser compatible HTML, CSS and JavaScript code.

JomiTech’s website: http://www.jomitech.com