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I’ve finally done it and replaced the old template with this NEW one …. lets face it, the old one just wasn’t that good!! The new template is best viewed at resolutions of 1024×768 or higher.
This is one of many improvements coming to delphi-php in the next couple of months, so stay tuned !! :)




Ppientje has just released a basic website template for Delphi4PHP. You can use it to develop your own websites based on this template.

Main features are:

  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Contact Us Page
  • Additional Product/Informational Pages
  • Site style controlled by CSS Styles

You can see a live demo here: Demo Website
Template files can be downloaded here: Website Template Files
To discuss changes or improvements to this template, please see this forums thread.



JomiTech have just released their commerical full component suite for Delphi4PHP. This is the first complete package that has been released from any developer that I have seen. It’s a substantial package with some great components.

There is over 60+ components included:

JTAdRotator, JTAdvancedEdit, JTAtomFeed, JTAuthRegistration, JTBevel, JTBuildYourOwn*, JTBulletList, TCategoryButtons, JTCheckBoxList, JTClock, JTDateTimePicker*, JTDivWindow, JTEventCalendar, JTExpandPanel, JTExpert*, JTExplanationPopup, JTGrid, JTGroupBox, JTHeaderCode, JTHorizontalLine, JTIFrame, JTImageMap*, JTImageSubmit, JTInputValidator, JTJavaScript, JTJSWindow, JTLabel, JTLargerImage*, JTListView, JTLookupComboBox, JTLookupListBox, JTMenu, JTMenuBar, JTMonthCalendar*, JTNavigationBar, JTNewsControl*, JTNotebook*, JTObjectControl*, JTPageControl, JTPanel, JTPCRegExvJTPDODatabase, JTPHPPaintBox*, JTProgessBar, JTRadioButtonList, JTRawOutput, JTRSSFeed*, JTScrollBox, JTSectionBar*, JTSendEmail, JTSiteMap*, JTSiteMapPath*, JTSiteMapView*, JTStatusBar*, JTStylesheet*, JTSurvey*, JTTabControl, JTTablevJTTabSet*, JTTCPSocketClient*vJTTemplatePanel, JTTimePicker, JTToolBar, JTTreeView*, JTUserLogin, JTVerticalLine, JTXMLDataSource*

* = donates components which have not being relased in the current version.

Some of the main features include:

  • JTTheme XML/CSS-based site theming system, gives virtually unlimited possibilites for site design.
  • User-friendly property editors.
  • Comes with full source code.
  • Extensive documentation.
  • Generates fully cross-browser compatible HTML, CSS and JavaScript code.

JomiTech’s website: http://www.jomitech.com